Celebrating National Pi/Pie Day With Kim Severson

That's pear-gruyere pie, being photographed by Kim Severson tonight on National Pi (3.14) Day, which is celebrated with what else but ... pie.

In addition to being a pie aficionado, Kim is the author of the memoir "SpoonFed: How Eight Cooks Saved My Life," which is now out in paperback. (She's also the Atlanta bureau chief for The New York Times, but that's another story.)

I missed the chance to ask her to sign a copy of her book in January, when she visited Birmingham to speak at FoodBlogSouth. But that led me to the Little Professor tonight, where a group of fans gathered around a table for what turned out to be an informal discussion about writing, blogging, social media, and yes, pie.

The pie pictured here was lovingly baked by Breanne Kostyk (PieLab pioneer) and Christy Turnipseed. It was delicious, melt-in-your mouth goodness, a sweet, crumbly surprise to an otherwise ... Monday.

This photo really doesn't do it justice -- it's just what I took in between chatting about the future of blogging, mixed in with a pinch of journalism and food talk. Ingredients for a good conversation.

So we had a little writing workshop right there, with the rain falling down on the room of The Little Professor.

After, a couple folks heade to the National Pi Day Celebration at Ted's Cafeteria, where Birminghamians from all walks of life gathered to share homemade pies and ideas. Here's a description from KitchenFriends:

3.14 National Pi Day and Pie Camp Birmingham

Let's hear it for pi(e).

And ideas.

I don't bake, but I sure like mixing up ingredients for good stories. What's the next one?