And The Oscar Goes To ... The Pug In The King's Speech!

With just a few hours to go before Oscars, we finally went to see "The King's Speech," which was everything everyone said it was, including being an amazing film about moving past fear. I think it will take home Best Picture tonight (I'll be damned if it goes to "Black Swan.") [Check out my Dad's blog post  w. his Oscar picks.]

Even better than a great film with Colin Firth telling an often-overlooked story about overcoming adversity? The same film WITH A PUG.

That's right, there was at least one pug in the film (maybe two). It occurred during a party scene, during which King George VI and the Queen Mum (who were fans of the also noble Corgi) visit the sketchy Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  And ... there it was ... a fawn pug with black face. Yes indeed, an Oscar contending pug!

(I think there was also some pug decor in a subsequent scene, but I was too busy following along with the people actors, historical significance, and all that, to confirm that.)

In between watching "E!" red carpet coverage, I've been doing some research on pugs and the royal family. Turns out that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were crazy pug fans. According to this entry on they owned 11, most of them hailing from America. One of his favorites, Diamond, ran away from home and was missing for two weeks before he decided to come home the night the Duke died (pugs ... causing delight and stress to royalty and commoners alike).

The Duke and Duchess let the pugs sleep in their bed. See this little gem from a great entry on Lisa's History Room:

"Each evening, just before dinner was served, two maids could be found carrying bedsheets through the halls by their corners; the bed linens, having just been ironed, were destined for the rooms of the Duke and Duchess. Wallis could not stand wrinkles in her bed….Once the bed was made, a plastic sheet was spread atop the satin eiderdown so that the pugs could climb onto the bed with Wallis; there she would feed them the hand-baked dog biscuits prepared fresh each day by her chef. Usually the pugs slept on the bed with her, although the Duke’s favorite might disappear through the boudoir to his own spot at the foot of his master’s bed.”

-- The Duchess of Windsor: The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson by Greg King

(That entry also has a cruel story about a trick that the famed photographer Richard Avedon played on the Duke and Duchess to photograph them at their most "real." Worth a read, even if it was a mean trick to play on a dog owner.)

I knew that pugs had ties to royal China, but this one was new to me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to give a certain King Pug his special bath for his allergies. All hail, The Pug!

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