Power Ranger/ Borrowing Strength

I had such a bad day today. Well, not the whole day, but a part of it, a big part. I had to close my door and cry, then wipe away the raccoon eyes. I called my dear friend A., who promised me that things were going to get better. I posted a Facebook question asking peoplewhat helped them realize they had to make major life changes. I received a text message from my Dad saying,

"I believe in you."

He sent me these pictures of Nate, who received a new Power Ranger costume thanks to my mom.

It lifted spirits, spirits dampened from much more than one bad day.

Someday I will write about this something. I will pour all the words I write in private here, or elsewhere. But for now, they are quiet words that, when scratched on paper, will propel me into "the next."

I believe good things are coming, and will share as I can.

But for now, I share photos of my sweet boy. I am going to borrow a little of his Power Ranger strength.