National Margarita Day: How Are You Celebrating?

Yesterday was Today is President's Day, which is great (let's hear it for Grover Cleveland!) But tomorrow today is an even better, if not equally recognized day: National Margarita Day.

The story goes that the drink was invented by Dallas socialite Margarita Sames, who invented the cocktail in 1948 when she was 35 years old. (Coincidentally, this is my 35th year. Hmm, no pressure to invent a drink or anything.)

From The

"As she experimented with various combinations of tequila and Cointreau, they were either too sweet or too sour. Eventually she found a recipe that suited her, with lime juice used to balance the alcohol and a light dusting of salt on the glass rim to add pizzazz.

Over the years, Bill and Margarita served the drink to their guests, referring to it as “The Drink” or “Margarita's Drink.” After Bill gave Margarita a set of champagne glasses etched with her name, the drink got its final name. The cocktail recipe was spread by some of the couple’s friends and guests, who included hotelier Nick Hilton, Tail O’ the Cock owner Shelton McHenry, Hotel Bel-Air owner Joseph Drown, movie stars Lana Turner and John Wayne, and other world travelers who subsequently served the drink in their hotels and restaurants."

So, what are you doing to celebrate?

I'll be gathering with The Mandatory Margarita *Book* Club. We meet monthly to discuss literature dish about life and will be enjoying $5 margaritas at The Cantina. You can come join us (starting around 5:30)

If you don't live in Birmingham, no fret. It's quite easy to celebrate. Instructions:

1)Make margaritas (I am partial to this bit sketchy recipe, which I made this weekend.)

2)Add friends. [If you'd like to form your own Mandatory Margarita Club, we can send you the instructions and details of the secret handshake.]

**Salt optional. I prefer. **

3)Remember to hydrate!


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