Random Acts of Mandatory Margaritas


Last night the women of The Mandatory Margarita *Book* Club got together for our first meeting in months. We had a lot to celebrate, namely one of our members' impending birth, her third boy. (The MM sisters will tell you that there need to be more good guys in the world. Go Jennie. Please note the great card fellow artist Karin made for her, complete with a Pantone shade.)

We also welcomed some new members into our group, sharing cheese dip and stories (yeah, very little book talk, though many of us are voracious readers).

Toward the end of the meal (Iguana Grill, excellent chimichangas) we noticed a Marine in his dress blues eating with his family (perhaps parents). He took heat care in handling his hat, and his suit was perfectly pressed.

When the bill came, one of the Mandatory Margarita girls (who wishes to remain anonymous) told the waiter that she wanted to pay for the Marine and his family's meal, though she wanted it to be quiet, with no acknowledgement or fanfare.

She didn't even hesitate, just saying she was a "Military brat," who wished someone had done something like that for her dad when he returned from Vietnam.

Mandatory margaritas, maximum kindness.


Question: Who else has a special group of girlfriend with unique tradition? Or a story of a random act of kindness?

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