2011: Year of Babes

This afternoon I was sitting in my dining room surrounded by wrapping paper and cough drops (the latter being a "gift" to treat my recent cough, aquired somewhere on the road). I was wrapping Christmas presents for two guys who both came into my world (and one came into the world) last Christmas Day.

Christmas morning 2011 my sister made the announcement that she was pregant by giving Ryan I these T-shirts (mine says, fittingly, "Disco Aunt"). See the stunned look on my face ...


One of the first people I wanted to tell was my best friend Stephanie. But Stephanie was not returning my text messages that morning ... becuase she was in a hospital bed working on bringing her baby, Jack, into the world.

A lot has happened this year -- trips too many too name, stories that have come and gone -- but maybe none as important as what happened this year when Henry (my nephew) and Jack (my adopted nephew) came around. The photo on top is with Henry in the hospital, and the one on the bottom is Jack instructing me on the purchase of some gold shoes at Nordstrom. Like his Mom, Henry has impeccable taste.

IMG_5873 IMG_4968

I was honored when Megan and Stephanie chose me to be Henry and Jack's godmother respectively. (That anyone would entrust me with any guidance of a child is still beyond me, even though I've had one of my own for five years now. I teach them GaGa lyrics, you know.)



JackBaptism_groupalter Sometimes in the middle of stressful situations (which 2011 had plenty of) I get stuck in my head. Then I get a photo of one of them, or hear about how their milestones, and I'm reminded that life is moving all around me. That's why I'm writing this down, to commit to memory and to the page. Watching these guys grow, just like watching Nate, is a reminder that time marches on, unfolding in the most beautiful ways.