The Perfect Holiday Gift: Shelby County Humane Society Ornaments for Shelter Pets

Last week, I had the great privilege of watching a sweet group of dogs prepare to head to their forever homes. The pups, from the Shelby County Humane Society, were on their way up north. There's a need for rescue dogs there, because, thanks to their spay/neuter laws,  they don't have the overpopulation issue we have in the South. 

The Shelter Partner program transports dogs from Shelby County to states like New Hampshire and Maine, where they are placed with loving families. Their work is funded through community support -- specifically, the sale of these adorable ornaments. For $50, the purchaser supports the transport of one animal. You can even pick the one that you want to sponsor, putting a pup face with the cause.

It's an incredible program -- thanks to dedicated volunteers, more than 5,000 dogs have been saved in the past 5 years! 

We waved to the van as it pulled out of Whole Foods during a "Bone Voyage" party. Kiddo made the connection that it was work like this that last year brought us our sweet rescue pug, Gatsby.

Today, during some early holiday preparations, Nate hung one of the special ornaments on his tree:

Shelter Partners ornament

It's such a great gift. 

A couple of days ago I had the chance to talk with a New Hampshire woman named Erin (good name!) who adopted a dog helped by the program two years ago. Jackson the dog, who started his life in shelters here in Alabama, is now hanging out in a New Hampshire beach house getting loved on by her family -- not a bad life!

Erin and I bonded over our shared passion for our rescue dogs, and the importance of teaching our kids the importance of helping animals in need. For the story behind her successful adoption, check out this blog on the Shelter Partners site. The blog is full of similar stories of animals who've found their forever homes -- total inspiration.

It's a present that keeps on giving. For you, the recipient, and for some special animals.

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