It's official: I'm a Conquerer of Style. @Gap said so.

Conquerer of style. RT @erinshawstreet Columbus would've wanted me to buy newest pair of #goldshoes. Great sale @gap.
10/10/11 3:05 PM


OK, so I am in social media/shopping heaven right now, re-tweeted by one of the biggest (and one of my favorite) brands. Kinda made me geek out a bit. OK, it totally made me geek out.

That warm, geeky feeling? It really means what it feels like to be a consumer who is acknowledged by a brand. And that's just one of the ways that social media works.

Also, as my friend Courtney so wisely pointed out ... I can officially say that Gap acknowledges me as a "Conquerer of Style." Hmm, can I put that on my CV?

This makes me realize that it's time I write the full story behind the question: "Why gold shoes?" Stay tuned, @gap. 

Now, for the shoes that started the exchange:

Gold shoes, Gap


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