There was a monkey in my head and he pooed: From Miami to the Circus

"What is there to say? There was a monkey on my head and he pooed! You know - it was a real water cooler moment."- Valerie Cherish, "The Comeback"

I'm back from four days in Miami, where I was coordinating photo shoots. It was a strange trip, the kind where everything that could go wrong did. Weather overcast, prompting rescheduling and logistical hoops? Check. Hotel a total dive requiring us to relocate? Yep. Water out for nearly an entire day at second hotel? Favorite gold sandals stolen from the hammam at The Standard? Oh yes. And a bird pooped on my foot (hence the Valerie Cherish quote).

And that, my friends, is the difference between working in Miami and being there for fun. (Though some fun was had, like dinner with my Aunt Lily at a charming restaurant in Brickell called "Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita," and approximately one hour of sunshine by the pool during a lunch break).

I know, wah-wah. Trust me, it was a long week.


No matter where I go, the sunniest or the coldest, there's always decompressing to be done when I get home. More specifically, bills, laundry, and picking up socks big and small scattered throughout the house. This time it was also accompanied by returning to care for a sick child (a little better now) and pug who has itched himself till his hair has fallen out in patches (vet tomorrow).

And a table covered with mail and books and notices about homeowners' dues and preschool Valentine's boxes.

All of that waited, though, till after our trip to the circus yesterday. A tradition for our family, we were fortunate to get to go with my Mom and Dad, who instilled a love of the circus in me a long time ago.

Thanks to them, we had front row seats, and joined the circus performers on the floor to watch the tight rope artists and strong men.

Though Nate liked the flashing toy the most.

And Shane liked the dancing girls that pulled us into the three rings for the audience participation. Ha.

I do love a circus.

The laundry did get done (most of it), the bills were paid, and I cleaned off the table. And thus begins another week of the circus ...

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