A New Kind of Birthday On The Rocks

This morning I woke up to strawberry cake crumbs on china. To paintbrushes and paper plates and empty La Croix cans, remnants of the night before. I used to have get togethers at my house all the time, elaborate Santa parties and back to school nights and book clubs. That stopped when I had to start fighting for my life. But I have a big glass table, and serving ware, and the ability to cut cheese into squares. Does one need anything else to entertain? 

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Fourth of July Vintage Haul

But first, the details: The sale is held each year as part of OLS' annual Fourth of July Festival. It's free to the public at 9 a.m., but you can pay $5 to get in  at 8 a.m. It's worth it to pay, because people line up before dawn for this sale. It's that good. More than 10,000 items are displayed inside the 13,000-square foot air conditioned gym, with furniture and art in the parking deck. You can get all the details at the OLS Trash and Treasure Facebook page.  Volunteers work year round, including an entire month leading up to the event. It. Is. Spectacular.

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Weekly Roundup June 24 Edition

Opportunities are arising that affirm that people want those of us with perspective to write and create. Specifically, it's nice to be able to write about a region in which I have deep roots. I value what I can bring to the table as someone with a lifetime lived in the South (and Florida), and the perspective of seeing communities like Birmingham and Columbia evolve over time. As I've said recently, artisanal doughnuts didn't just start raining from the sky in cities like this -- it's been years in the making.

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Weekly Roundup June 1 Edition

I love the chance to come into alignment with my purpose. This morning, walking in my neighborhood and writing in my kitchen, and planning travel and stories for the summer -- none of it would be possible if I was living half-asleep. Being awake is difficult and painful at times, but it's the only away I can get into true alignment. It's a remarkable feeling, and I wish it for everyone.

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Made South Birmingham

I really dig this. First: having a maker event in multiple cities makes it accessible. (Franklin, Atlanta and Louisville are next.) 

And while I don't a ton of names on this list, I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. It's another good event to add to our maker community (Southern Makers moves here this August; Make Bhm recently celebrated its grand opening).

We're a community of makers -- and a region of makers too. I do love watching the evolution of it. See you in Birmingham this weekend? 

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