Hi, I'm Erin. I'm a writer, editor and content strategist. 

I've been working in and around the media for 20 years, in just about every aspect.  This is a space where I tell my own stories. After a lifetime of writing and editing other people's stories, this is where I write my own. Unedited. 

Here's my story: Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida (also home to Hulk Hogan and the original Hooters), I grew up surrounded by sandy white beaches and pink flamingos (which heavily influence my love of all things kitsch).

During my time at the University of South Carolina, I attended precisely one half of a football game, choosing to spend time instead writing about moody Irish feminist poets. 

I began my newspaper career while in college,  writing for papers like The St. Petersburg Times and The Arizona Republic. Upon graduation with an ever-useful English degree, I accepted a plane ticket to Birmingham, Alabama to visit my parents an interview for The Birmingham Post-Herald. "I'll never live in Birmingham," were the precise words uttered. Then I moved there, and was given the chance to write stories I never should have been allowed to, covering health + wellness issues and the robust research community here in Birmingham.

After a stint back in Florida at The Sarasota Herald Tribune, I returned to The Magic City. 

I love Birmingham, often singing the praises of its food and culture. The secret is starting to get out of the bag. For me this town is also launch pad to the rest of the world, a home base for creativity and travel. 

I spent seven years at two places in Birmingham that impacted my career greatly. First: I served as Director of Community Affairs for the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, telling stories of the brave men and women on the front lines of cancer each day -- researchers, physicians, and patients.

Then I served as as Deputy Editor of Southern Living Magazine, traveling the South gathering stories about contemporary Southern women.I launched SL's Daily South, and contributed to digital and social strategy. 

I also spent two years working at a full-service creative agency, managing content programs for brands big and small.  So I've sort of done it all. 

I believe I'm part of a "bridge generation" -- the last to learn from old school journalists, having started careers before digital natives came along. 




I love working with the next generation of storytellers and have a passion for community. In particular, I am passionate about recovery, and specifically the language we use around our current crisis. I am a person in long-term recovery, and am passionate about lending my voice to help others who are struggling. Moreover, I am particularly keen on working with women who have decided to re-examine their relationships to anything weighing them down. Women who want to write their own story.

I'm a mom and part of a pretty amazing family. My son Nate, 11, also shares my love of Elvis. Husband Shane remains amused by my King fixation and the velvet Elvi that creep into our home. Our pug Lolita is indifferent to it all, curled up on the couch snorting. We love spending time with our family (fondly referred to as "The Jazz Hands Family," spread out between New York, Los Angeles, and various points throughout the Southeast.)

I care about organizations that support women (especially those that nurture the next generation of leaders), journalism and second chances. I'm honored to volunteer with Images and Voices of Hope

I like to talk about media and change and entertain friends in our gold dining room. That's also where, when not searching for vintage clothes or watching 90210 reruns, I write. Mostly essays. And dispatches from life, unedited.